What Metals are Used In Metal Storage Cabinets?

As a term, ‘metal’ is incredibly broad, encompassing a range of materials. These are typically hard, somewhat malleable, and lustrous materials with good conductivity. So when it comes to metal storage cabinets, the range of materials available is enormous. Each of these metals has different properties which make them useful in sheet metal manufacturing for … Continued

3 Key Factors to Get the Best Laser Cut Storage Solutions

Commercial storage and industrial shelving units are very important for maintaining inventory. If you do not stock the items you sell, then replenishing stock is a real hassle. So, all businesses should invest in smart storage solutions. While there are standard storage cabinets out there, laser cutting service based storage options are a better alternative. … Continued

Types of File Storage Cabinets

  One of the most important office equipment for any business is a file storage cabinet. It is important for storing documents and keeping them safe, and at the same time a big help in keeping them organized. Storage cabinets are available in various styles and designs, and the three below are the most common. … Continued

Why Businesses Prefer Metal Storage Cabinet

Metal storage cabinets are ubiquitous piece of furniture found in nearly every Industrial, commercial and residential properties. These cabinets are mostly manufactured using steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Although such cabinets can also be made with wood, there are many advantages to using metal instead. However, there are also some issues which you need to … Continued

Why Have Your Home Storage Solutions Custom Made?

Every area of the house may require storage solutions to ensure a clutter-free environment.  Whether it’s the living area, dining, bedroom or kitchen you want to refurbish with shelving units or cabinets having them custom made is a wise decision. Why? Aside from having plenty of options where to store both used and unused items … Continued

Benefits of Using Laser Cutting For Storage Solutions

  Premier Engineering specialises in providing design and laser cutting services for number of other applications including manufacturing of world-class storage solutions. Laser cutting has acquired a star status in sheet metal fabrication. Works by directing a laser beam using CAD software or a CNC (computer numerical control), laser cutting can quickly produce incredibly precise … Continued