What is nesting for laser cutting?

A Nesting Program for laser cutting  is used to dynamically nest parts to a single sheet of raw material. Optimal means that you get the parts you want in exact quantities, at the lowest possible cost; lowest cost includes material efficiency, machine efficiency, schedule adherence, order completion and all other cost considerations. In general terms, … Continued

Tips For Engraving And Cutting With A CNC Machine

Being an engineer and a hobbyist you might do a lot of engraving or cutting and there is no way you aren’t familiar with the drawing trend in the immense potential of CNC machining. Varying from Jewelers to gun shops, collectible figurine makers to engine designers, many hobbyists also use CNC mills to perform complex … Continued


Stainless steel (SS) is a widely preferred material for industrial and commercial product manufacturing due to its high ductility, lustrous surface finish, high-temperature sustainability, and high strength, which makes it highly suitable for manufacturing industrial products. Earlier, for manufacturing purposes, stainless steel casting was preferred due to the high-temperature stainability and moldability of stainless steel … Continued

Slat Wall Panels – Shelving Units

What are Slat wall shelving units? Slat wall panel shelving units are mainly used in retail fixtures used by shopfitters and retailers. It’s made of MDF board, routed to fit aluminum extrusions. MDF board is used due to its sturdy nature, which allows heavy items to be displayed. These types of shelving units are mainly … Continued

The Standard Guarantees of a Professional Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting services are an integral and important part of industrial manufacturing industry. However, they are not only used in producing things that are subsequently used in industrial processes; but they can also be involved in the production of retail products. In both cases, it is important to have efficient software professionals for handling the … Continued


Both CNC punching services or turret punching can be used when cutting sheet metal fabrication material. With the development of both technologies, manufacturers can use both laser cutting methods. Many of the laser cutting providers mainly focus on the new capabilities and better ways of turret punches also have plenty of utilities. An experienced operator … Continued

Metal Storage Cabinets for Industrial Usage

Having enough storage is crucial in the industrial sector to prevent hazards and store your equipment efficiently. The one thing you don’t want to have to do is to pile up your equipment on each other because you don’t have enough storage space. This can be a big hazard and eventually while you’re trying to … Continued

The Solution to Heavy Duty Storage

There are multiple types of storage solutions within the industry, but how do you know which one will suit your needs? For heavy-duty items and items that are substantially heavy, you will require storage solutions that can support the weight of these items. One solution that can help support the weight of bulky loads is … Continued

Laser Cutting Services – Using Latest AMADA Laser Cutter

The laser cutting latest technology machine, AMADA laser cutter “ENSIS-AJ 3Kw machine is one of the most capable machines for laser cutting work used by Premier Engineering for all laser work. Laser Cutting Technology AMADA laser cutting systems utilize the latest advances in laser engineering technology that enable customers to maximize their productivity and profitability. … Continued

Shelving Units Ideas – Smart Garage Storage Methods

Organising your garage is one of the biggest projects by itself. Hence, considering a garage makeover and utilise its space, below are a few easy to apply Premier Engineering Ideas to maximise your garage storage space with shelving units and storage cabinets. A garage should not be used as a dumping area for whatever doesn’t … Continued