Types of Industrial Shelving Units: Wire Shelving

  Many people agree that when it comes to aesthetics, wire shelving units are the clear winners. This is why they are typically used in commercial applications along with metal storage cabinets, or in any setting where industrial shelving units may look out of place. Like rivet shelving units, wire shelving units have an open … Continued

Types of Industrial Shelving Units: Rivet Shelving

  There different types of industrial shelving units that are fit for warehouses one of which is the rivet shelving units. If you are considering getting such shelving units for your warehouse, then you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Advantages of Rivet Shelving Units There are plenty of reasons … Continued

Industrial Shelving Units Need To Be Vibration-Proof

Many industrial sites include machines that generate enough power to produce vibrations around a spot. These vibrations can be dangerous, what with so many storage spaces in an area being vulnerable to them. The shaking motions can cause items on these units, including some chemical storage containers, to fall off and possibly break or spill. … Continued

Keeping Industrial Shelving Units Safe

Safety should be a priority in warehouses and storage facilities. There are many factors to consider regarding safety, one which are the industrial shelving units. There are numerous reports of shelving units collapsing and causing accidents in workplaces. To keep this from happening in your facility, keep the following safety tips in mind. Secure Your … Continued

Where To Use Industrial Shelving Units At Home?

Industrial shelving units are mostly found in warehouses, stores and garages. Did you know that these types of storage solutions are now available for homes? Yes, these sturdy metal made shelves are the homeowner’s new storage partner in keeping items. If you are curious where these shelving units would come handy, here’s a list. Store … Continued