Screen printing is a process where a mesh material can apply ink onto a surface. It is often used on fabrics but it can also be used on sheet metal.

Screen printing services can be utilized in a variety of ways. To start, you might use it to produce a series of labels on individual openings. These include labels around holes where knobs, lights or gauges are to be displayed on.

Screen printing may also work when you are trying to place labels on certain ports where items might have to be inserted in. A printout will list details on what should be inserted into certain parts. This is critical if you are producing sheet metal materials that can generate power and work with very specific outside connections in mind.

You could even get a screen printing process to create a particular logo or other brand display on a part. This is for cases where there is a large surface space that can support such a display. Of course, you can also use that surface to get instructional information or warning labels printed onto a part if necessary.

Whatever the case is, you can trust Premier Engineering to help you with the printing process whether it entails working on a metal storage cabinet, a workbench or something a little larger in size. We work alongside a sub-contractor to print any logo or label onto a finished metal surface.

Contact us if you have any specific desires for getting certain items printed onto your sheet metal applications. Our service is very flexible and can work with all the screen printing requirements you hold.