fastener insertion

Our fasteners for your sheet metal manufacturing requirements are designed to be permanent, strong and easy to use. We offer an extensive variety of fasteners for flaring, surface mount and weld needs among many others.

We use the Haeger 618 press to produce only the best possible threads. Our fasteners can be produced in many sizes including ones as thin as .020 inches or .51 mm in size. Each fastener is made to be compact and to feature a low profile, thus creating a more attractive appearance without adding more bulk.

Each fastener we offer can hold more items than most other threads. Our fasteners are used in situations where a strong pullout and torque load is needed. These fasteners can especially be applied onto sheet metal applications that might not be thick enough to support their own fastening functions.

Our fasteners can be installed during the fabrication process. This ensures that all fasteners are secure and that no hardware will be lost.

You will enjoy many benefits that come with our fasteners. They can be installed quickly and can handle large amounts of resistance. There is no need to produce any special holes either. The reverse side of each metal sheet will remain solid and smooth even after fasteners are applied.

This all comes with a low cost for installation. With all of these points in mind, it is ideal for you to contact us at Premier Engineering for your help with getting new fasteners added onto your surfaces.

Advantages of self-clinching fasteners:

Provide strong threads in metal as thin as .020” / .51 mm.

May be installed using any parallel acting squeezing force.

Provide high push-out and torque-out resistance.

Do not require special hole preparation, such as chamfering and deburring.

Reverse side of metal sheet remains flush.

No re-tapping necessary after application.

Low installed costs.