Computer numerically controlled or CNC punching is a critical part of the sheet metal manufacturing process. The process works to punch holes or turrets into sheet metal pieces. All such holes or turrets must be produced in a crisp and carefully orchestrated manner.

We at Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions will provide you with a powerful CNC punching service that will fit your needs. We offer affordable services that help you with punching any sheet metal application you have.

Our turret punches work better than blanking parts and is especially more affordable. The services we offer especially work well when it comes to handling surfaces that utilize more holes.

The computer-generated readouts we produce help to ensure that all holes are punched in as accurate and consistent of a manner as possible. This is to keep all parts the same in terms of their functionality and appearance as they are being punched.

We can support large sheet metal applications quite well. Our punching tools can punch mild steel up to 3mm in size. We can also handle sheets of up to 2440 x 1220 in size.
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