Sheet Metal is our specialty, quality is our passion, and service is your guarantee!


At Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions, we understand that there are many services for sheet metal manufacturing that you can utilize around Sydney. We encourage you to explore our particular services and to trust in what we have to offer.

Our workbench solutions focus on sheet metal as it is our key specialty. We concentrate only on sheet metal as a means of becoming specialists in this important field. Much of this entails working on new ways to produce sheet metal applications and to be as precise as possible.

Our work is reliable and is especially responsive to the needs our clients hold. We focus on customized work that is precise and made to fit every demand that each customer has.

We offer both one-time and recurring contract services for all types of clients both large and small. We provide help with designing and prototyping sheet metal projects and producing large quantities of different items. Our sheet metal manufacturing solutions especially work with a precise computer-aided system that ensures we can produce only the best possible surfaces the first time around. The efforts we put in are specially designed to ensure that we can complete your projects on time and without delay.

Our work is convenient, reliable and trustworthy. It is because of this that nearly 90 percent of our business comes from repeat clients who are satisfied with our work.