Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions is based out of the south western part of Sydney and operates as a manufacturer of sheet metal components. Premier Engineering works with all stages of the development process when making sheet metal products.

We assist with all parts of the design and production process. We also work with prototyping functions as well as the production and assembly functions.

The sheet metal manufacturing process that we utilize works with the latest technology to ensure that all projects are completed as accurately as possible. Computer-aided design tools are especially used to meet the specific needs that all customers hold.

We proudly help businesses and individuals around Sydney with all of their sheet metal manufacturing needs. We can design sheet metal components and produce prototypes. We also offer a full laser cutting service plus CNC punching and fastener insertion solutions.

Welding, powder coating, plating, anodizing and galvanizing services are also available. We also offer machining and screen printing solutions.

Orders of all sizes can be fulfilled by our professional staff. We focus on offering the best services with the lowest costs while delivering everything on time.

Contact us today if you need help with any of your engineering demands. We at Premier Engineering are proud to help all of our clients in southwest Sydney with their sheet metal needs.

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