What is nesting for laser cutting?

A Nesting Program for laser cutting  is used to dynamically nest parts to a single sheet of raw material. Optimal means that you get the parts you want in exact quantities, at the lowest possible cost; lowest cost includes material efficiency, machine efficiency, schedule adherence, order completion and all other cost considerations.

In general terms, nesting software automatically and efficiently arranges the required quantities of individual parts to be produced on sheets or plates of stock material. It does this by using part geometry from CAD files to output CNC code that controls a cutting machine.

Nesting Program creates automatic CNC nests and CNC punching services and part of programs for all CNC turret punch, laser, and plasma, router, waterjet, and knife fabrication. No other nesting Program serves the breath or depth of fabrication tools as Estimation nesting Program.

Turn to us to reduce material costs, improve labour efficiencies, increase throughput and lower overhead with CNC nesting Program – a tool for lean manufacturing. Learn why we have the only expert system that optimizes all your fabrication costs.



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